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How To Keep People Out Of Your Business


How To Keep People Out Of Your Business

The internet is buzzing about Kim Kardashian and her new beau but if I’m Kim, I’m thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great to have private time to ourselves so we can cuddle in peace”. I don’t know what it feels like to be a celebrity and I can’t begin to imagine what they feel when they’re lives are being discussed by millions, but isn’t this partly their fault?

What happens when you let people in your life by sharing your personal life with them and then all of a sudden you want to pull back. Is that even possible? Below are ways that you can keep people out of your business, once you’ve allowed them to pry for so long.

No gossiping
It doesn’t matter how justified you think you are in talking about other people’s perceived shortcomings, doing so will never serve to bring about positive results.

When people do things that you don’t agree with or that you don’t understand, all that demonstrates is that they do not see life in the same way that you see it. As a result the very person you are talking to about someone else will turn around and talk about you to someone who will listen.

Whining or Complaining
Whining or complaining will not change a situation. I’m not talking about constructive criticism, learning from our mistakes, or recognizing pitfalls so that we can avoid them in the future. No, I’m talking about when a situation is already clearly less than desirable, yet you continue to talk about how undesirable it is!

No Co-Dependency
All of us have friends, family members, or co-workers who we turn to with real-world issues and ask for their input. Sometimes we are looking for advice, while other times they we just want to “vent”.

Try to limit how often you “vent” to your friends and family members. Going to them with the same issues over again is merely #2.

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