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Working Well With Your Wedding Consultant

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Working Well With Your Wedding Consultant

Planning your wedding can be the most exciting and the most nerve wrecking process a bride can ever go through. When you feel like you can’t look at another wedding announcement, hire a professional. Your wedding consultant can be your saving grace that will come in and completely bring your vision to life!

As a former wedding consultant, I can tell you that the most important part of planning your wedding is YOU. It is impossible to do it without you. If you don’t have effective communication, it can make your consultant want to throw in the bouquet! Here are a few tips to make sure that you both will get the results you are looking for.

Know what assistance you need – It is important to know what your needs are. It is possible that you only need a consultant to direct the reception, with no input in planning the rest of the day. You may find that you need to have assistance with every aspect of the wedding. Accurately pinpointing what you need will result in a lot of time saved in needless planning by your consultant.

Know your consultant– It is extremely important that you know what the limitations may be for your consultant so that you won’t be disappointed. There are those that are listed as wedding consultants who work solely with a particular vendor and will only be able to refer you to services their vendor provides. There are others that will be able to connect you with several vendors and will be able to handle every detail of the wedding. Make sure you ask plenty of questions.

Have a realistic budget – In the inital consultations with your wedding consultant, your budget is discussed. A skilled consultant will be able to allocate your budget to every aspect needed.  When this is done you can more accurately see which parts of your wedding have the most and least importance to you, such as flowers over live music, and move funds to those elements that deserve more attention. Be honest about your budget and your wedding consultant will make sure you have everything you desire.

Tell them what you want – Be prepared to lay out everything that you are needing in your initial consultation.  Don’t be surprised if it lasts for more than an hour.  Your wedding consultant is considered Bride #2, so that means that in your place they are able to speak for you, act on your behalf and convey what is needed to all involved. It is imperative that you discuss in great detail what is needed so that you can always be on the same page.  You insult your consult when you micro manage them. If you have effective communication, there is no need to look over their shoulder, allowing you to completely trust they will deliver what you want.

Respect the timelime – A skilled consultant will make sure that your wedding timeline is followed to the letter. There are always things that may come up that effect what is planned but they will always stay in step with what should be secured by a specific date. Don’t be upset when they need information from you that you may feel isn’t neccessary. This insignificant bit of information may be critical in keeping your event on schedule. Work really hard to get the information needed.

Don’t be afraid to speak up– The  most heatbreaking moment in a consultants event is when they learn the daffodils that were ordered as the theme flower is the one flower the bride never told them she hates!  It is ok to tell your consultant when you have changed your mind regarding aspects of the wedding.  Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute or it might be too late.

Your wedding consultant is completely committed to seeing your dream wedding come true! It not only means that the Bride is happy, it also means that your consultant will have the opportunity to have a great audition for potential new clients at the event. Your consultant will have an even deeper commitment to its success than you may realize.

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