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Meet Gabrielle Bowens: June 2010 Cover Model

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Meet Gabrielle Bowens: June 2010 Cover Model

As we celebrate the Plus Size Bride, get to know our lovely June cover model and Atlanta, Georgia native, Gabrielle Bowens.

Stephanie Penn-Danforth: First thank you for gracing our June cover, How long have you been modeling?

Gabrielle Bowens: 12 years

SPD: How did you get started?

GB: I started my junior year in High School

SPD: Wow, what was your first show?

GB: A show at the Georgia World Congress Center

SPD: That’s really cool, Were you considered plus size then, or straight size?

GB: I’ve always been plus size…

SPD: Tell me a little about that experience? What did you like about modeling that made you want to continue?

GB: I’ve always liked modeling since I was a child and it kind of came natural to me.

SPD: Was your first show for a boutique or retailer?

GB: It actually was for a woman that sold make up and lingerie. She was in the process of creating her own modeling agency.

SPD: So you helped her a great deal. How did you start modeling for Curvysta?

GB: I met Jovanna through a young lady that I modeled with some time ago.

SPD: It must be nice to shop at a plus size boutique as well as model for them. Are there many boutiques in Atlanta for Plus size women?

GB: No, there may be more but I only know of a handful

SPD: Is Atlanta a good place for an aspiring plus size model?

GB: No, New York is the best place. The market is not as high here.

SPD: I hear that alot. In addition to modeling, I heard you were a makeup artist. How did you get into that?

GB: I’ve always loved makeup. I started doing makeup in High School. I did cosmetology for 3 years and I found that I liked make up more than doing hair.

SPD: So makeup is your first love but do you still do hair also?

GB: Not so much. I do more weaves. I still don’t really like doing hair.

SPD: Do you prefer doing everyday makeup or dramatic makeup?

GB: A little bit of both. I like to teach [women how to apply] everyday makeup.

SPD: Is there a market for that?

GB: Yes, Actually there is. I run into them often on my job. I just need a venue to teach at.

SPD: I have a friend who does the same thing but I always assumed that women wouldn’t pay to learn makeup application. Do you teach other women who want to turn it into a profession?

GB: Not really. It’s something that you already know and then you perfect it.

SPD: Correct me if I’m wrong but you work at the MAC store, right?

GB: Yes

SPD: Is it difficult to juggle working at the MAC store, teaching makeup as an entrepreneur and living everyday life?

GB: Sometimes it is.

SPD: I can imagine. What are your goals as a makeup artist?

GB: My goal is to open up a make up school for the everyday woman.

SPD: I love it!!! And I’m sure other women would as well. If I was in Atlanta, I would be a customer. Do you find yourself doing your own makeup for photo shoots?

GB: All the time and fashion shows as well.

SPD: Since we’re celebrating the plus size bride this June, what are some tips you can offer regarding color?

GB: I would say to keep it fresh and simple. Very angelic like and focus on the lips.

SPD: Well thank you again for taking time out of your schedule Gabrielle. Again you look beautiful on the cover.

Photo Credits:

  • HairStylist-Yolanda Abrams
  • MUA- Gabrielle Bowens
  • Photographer -Jovanna Reyes
  • Stylist/Photo Assistant- Angelique Austin
  • Male Model- Ramon Terri
  • Flowers -Gitche Ya Ya in Kirkwood Station of Atlanta, GA
  • Wedding Dresses, Earrings and accessories by Curvysta.
  • Male model suit and tie, Stylist own


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