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Are We Ignoring Plus Size Male Models?


Are We Ignoring Plus Size Male Models?

The world is constantly buzzing about plus size models, equal opportunities and the lack thereof but in the midst of this sudden fascination with curvier models it seems we’ve neglected to address plus size male models.  In an attempt to do what their female counterparts have done, Indie magazine Fantastic Man recently featured plus size male models.  Complete with bellies, chunky arms, and rounded bottoms, Fantastic Man gets daring by featuring models that are not the norm.

With all this talk about women feeling good about their bodies regardless of their size, I can honestly say that I never thought about how men felt about the underrepresentation of other men who resembled them in magazines and on television. 

So my question today is this…….

Do you think men feel as strongly as women regarding the lack of models of all shapes and sizs?

{The Frisky}

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