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Stylist Advice: Step Outside Your Box


Stylist Advice: Step Outside Your Box

Stylist and Plus Model Magazine Editor, Reah Norman gives readers a list of 10 things that all models should practice. Today’s tip is #6:  Try It All On- Step Outside Your Fashion Box

Not everything we see in the store has “hanger appeal” so it’s nearly impossible to tell how something is going to look on you when judging it from the hanger. One of my biggest pieces of advice when working with clients is to take time when you do your shopping, and try it all on! There have been several times when I have heard my clients say “Wow- I would have never tried this on, but I love it”!

When you hire a wardrobe consultant or stylist, there job is to educate you and help you “step outside of your fashion box”. Although you will not have a stylist with you every time you shop, you can still use the basic stylist tools to help make your shopping adventure a positive and successful experience. Whether you are shopping for a shoot, or for your personal wardrobe, make sure to give yourself extra time when you shop, do not rush, and take the time to try things on. When making your fitting room selections, choose different colors and styles that you do not normally wear. I also recommend trying on in two different sizes. Do not assume you are a certain size.

If you are shopping for a test shoot, keep in mind which clients you are hoping to target and what styles and silhouettes they are selling. When you are in the fitting room, pay special attention to the fit of each garment and how it looks and feels.

A few questions to ask yourself:
– Does the neckline make my shoulders look broader, or even me out at the shoulders and neckline?
– Is the garment too long or short, does it make me appear taller or shorter?
– Does this color compliment my skin tone; does it wash me out or help bring out my features?
– Does this top cut my waist at an unflattering spot which accentuates my tummy or hips?
– Am I wearing the right size? Is the garment pulling or does it make me appear larger?

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