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Stylist Advice: Don’t Be A Follower


Stylist Advice: Don’t Be A Follower

Stylist and Plus Model Magazine Editor, Reah Norman gives readers a list of 10 things that all models should practice. Today’s tip is #5: Don’t Be a Follower- Not Every Trend is For You

Since I started styling, one of my common sayings has become “Just because something is made in your size, does not mean you should wear it or that it looks good”. I often see plus size women walking down the street or at events, wearing items that are completely inappropriate for them for several different reasons. I am the first one to admit that I get VERY excited when I see trendy plus size clothing in fashion forward colors, prints and styles, and I myself get tempted and have to hold back on wearing things that are not right for me. I am definitely not suggesting you stay safe with your wardrobe, but each trend has its place and we all must keep a few things in mind when we are choosing these trends:

– Is this print going to accentuate me in my problem areas?
– Is this style age appropriate?
– Does this style flatter my curves and camouflage my problem areas?

Do not feel discouraged if the trends that are out right now do not work for you. In many cases, the trendier plus clothing lines are catering to the junior plus market, so they are cut smaller, shorter, and meant for juniors! If something does not fit you right or look flattering, keep it movin’ and try on something else. You will be happier with your wardrobe if there are pieces in your closet that you feel confident about wearing.

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