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Stylist Advice: Be Prepared


Stylist Advice: Be Prepared

Stylist and Plus Model Magazine Editor, Reah Norman gives readers a list of 10 things that all models should practice. Today’s tip is #4:  Think Ahead- Preparedness is the Key to Success.

Having great basics in your closet can make it easy when it comes to getting dressed quickly. As a model, you must always be prepared for whatever may be thrown at you last minute. You never know when you will be asked to attend a casting that requires a specific wardrobe, participate in an event where you will need a special ensemble, or come to a job/gig with a special garment or piece of clothing.

There is not always going to be a fashion/wardrobe stylist on set when you are on a job, so to make your life easier, I recommend having a closet full of great basics that you can quickly throw into your model bag. Make sure these garments are clean, in good condition, and fit you well. If they are not, replace them with new pieces and donate the old ones. Clients will appreciate you coming to set prepared and on point with items that not only make your life easier, but there’s as well. Even if they do not verbally tell you, I guarantee that your efforts it will not go unnoticed.

A few basic items that I suggest keeping with you at all times:
– Black leggings
– Camis- black, white, nude
– Basic black closed toe heels
– Basic black strappy sandals
– Basic wide black belt
– Fishnet stockings
– Black and nude panty hose

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