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A Good Catch

What is a good catch?

While the definition of a good catch is very much subjective, we’re gonna roll with a general framework that I ‘ve come up with.  A good catch is someone who is educated, gainfully employed/exhibiting great EP (earning potential), intellectually attractive, has a  nice personality, loves his mama, God-fearing, ambitious, sees the beauty in ownership, and just an all around good person.

Sounds muy perfecto right?

Wrong…because at the end of the day…you still don’t know what lies deep down in the navel of that mofo. However, on the flip side…just because someone appears to be a good catch…does not mean that they’re seeking to be caught, and more specifically does not mean that they’re seeking to be caught by you.

Such thinking is clearly a glitch in the matrix and has led to the demise of many a relationship.

See if any of these sound familiar:

“Giiirrlll…he really has his ish together…his life is in order….mmmhmmm….I think he’s the one…”

Question: But does he think that you’re the one. Also having his life in order may be your idea of order and not his. Shouldn’t you validate your claim before proclaiming him..husband?

“He’s perfect. Good credit, good job, nice car, a house…” I mean what more could I ask for.

Question: But aren’t these all superficial descriptions of a person’s worth. What the hell do you really know about him?

Another question…yeah he’s a good catch, but are you? Shouldn’t you and your partner be equally yoked? Can you set mandates on your partner that you have yet to achieve?

I’m really working on not generalizing the XY chromosome but let’s be real even “good catches” be on some bull. Hmmm…didn’t I find out that even squares and/ lames come packaged with some mess too…even if it’s a minute tiny little bit…but then again so do we.

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