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Vintage Chic Designer Stefanie Bezaire


Vintage Chic Designer Stefanie Bezaire

A little while ago, I stumbled across this new fashion line for the chic plus size woman. With a little bit of vintage flair, a whole lot of attitude, and a line that is GREEN, I had to peer into this brand to find out more about Stefanie Bezaire! As a designer whose beliefs and aspirations for plus size fashion are in line with my views, I had to check out what she was serving!

At Stefanie Bezaire, they believe that “just because you’re plus-size doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.” Can I get an AMEN! Ha! With that, this brand creates contemporary designer fashion using fabrics like bamboo, cottons, and careful blends to ensure sustainability!

Most recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the designer behind the label, Stefanie Bezaire! Please read on about the designer, and make sure you stay tuned for some delectable goodies coming soon!!!!

Good day Stefanie! Thank you for doing the interview! How are you today?

Great thanks!

Dying to know, what are you wearing today?

Well, since the weather has gotten hotter, I am loving wearing my skirts! Today I have a purple chintz gathered, high-waisted skirt; a white and grey striped 3/4 length sleeve boxy stretch top tucked in; my white ballet flats (which have a cute bow in the front); a grey skinny belt; and of course a large patterned scarf tied around my head with a bow in the front. It really is all about the accessories.

You are the designer of your eponymous collection, Stefanie Bezaire, how does that feel and sound?

It is a fantastic feeling for sure. I have always wanted to bring my style to women all over the world and I am so glad that I am finally able to make that happen.

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