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5 Essentials For A Newborn Baby


5 Essentials For A Newborn Baby

What things do you really need when you have a newborn baby?

I am not a parent and don’t have babies yet, but I am becoming increasingly interested. So as we are nearing the point of parenthood I am always trying to take a financial tally of what to expect. I know babies aren’t cheap, but I have always had this suspicion that many parents buy their babies way too much junk – that they don’t really need.

I have pretty much kept my mouth shut about it, because after all, what do I know – I am not a parent!

But I recently found this article (Baby gear: the only 5 items you need) from CBSnews that encouraged me a bit.

The article was written by a mom who explains that for her second child she managed to get by with only five things for her newborn.

Here is her list…

1. Car Seat

There’s no getting around it. You simply can’t get by without a car seat. And unlike other items that you can buy used, safety experts recommend that you purchase a new one for your baby.

2. Crib

Even if you decide to co-sleep with your newborn, you’ll eventually want him to snooze behind bars. Keep in mind that cribs are constantly getting recalled, so you’ll want to stay on top of the latest news and buy one with fixed sides.

3. Stroller

Strollers are a bit like cars. You can’t really survive without one. But the good news is that you can spend as little or as much as you want on a set of wheels. My personal recommendation is to start off with a frame for the infant seat (about $55). Then buy something more substantial once your child reaches six months and you have a better handle on your needs.

4. Bouncie Seat

There’s no doubt a child can survive without a bouncie seat. But it sure is nice to have someplace to put your baby while you’re mixing bottles or want to give your back a break.

5. Baby Bottles

Even if you breast feed, you may decide to give your child expressed milk in a baby bottle. But that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy ones that hold just two or four ounces. In just a couple of months your infant will start drinking six ounces and those petite bottles will become obsolete.

Really? Is the checklist for a newborn really that simple?

Like I mentioned before, I think many of our babies (just like the rest of us) have too many “things”, but do you think you could get by on just those five?

I have heard rumors that that what goes in a baby comes out the other end, so maybe we should add diapers to the list as well. But who knows, maybe the Baby Einstein folks have figured out a way to potty train in the womb. I can only hope.


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