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Stylist Undergarment Tricks – Be Creative


Stylist Undergarment Tricks – Be Creative

By: West Coast Style Editor, Reah Norman

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for using undergarments in creative ways, that I use myself when modeling or attending events, and offer to my clients whether for a shoot, runway show, special event, or just every day wear and go.

Biker Shorts: One of my favorite tricks as a plus size woman, a model and a stylist is- biker shorts!  I always wear biker shorts underneath dresses and skirts in order to add extra protection to the thigh area and avoid chaffing.  Shapers with built in shorts are also a great option to wear under dresses and skirts, but they can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear all day and the material does not always breathe well.  Biker shorts are a great alternative because they are stretchy and are generally a cotton blend, which will breathe better.  Biker shorts are also a great item to have for go-sees and when you will be changing on the fly

Layering Shapers: There may be situations when you feel that you need extra support, additional firming, and a smoother silhouette, and all this can be achieved by layering shapers. 

Depending on where you feel you need the extra coverage, a few examples of great combination’s that have proven to be successful for me and my clients include:

 Mid Section: layer two high-waisted, under bust brief shapers on top of each other.

Mid Section and Thighs: start with a shaper that covers under the bust to the mid thigh, then layer a  waist cincher on the top.

Upper Body: Start with a shaper cami layered with a waist cincher.

Lower Body: Start with a high-waisted brief shaper layered over a shaper with thigh support. 

Sheer-to-Waist Hose- I recommend keeping at least one pair of nude sheer-to-waist pantyhose in your model bag for situations when you need extra support modeling lingerie and swimwear.  Sheer-to-waist hose are ideal because they are not reinforced at the crotch or the toe, so they can be worn inconspicuously with lingerie and swimwear.  When selecting sheer-to-waist hose, make sure they match your skin tone and they do not have a shimmery finish. 

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