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Mom Try Trusting Your Instinsts


Mom Try Trusting Your Instinsts

As a Mom we have gut feelings and are usually correct and we have permission to trust our instincts.   These are instincts we were born with and their job is to keep us alive. We have them about every person, place and situation in our lives.

Gut feelings will protect you and your children much better than you can.

Moms are extra tuned-in to their instincts because their fundamental job is to protect their young. These instincts are often referred to as “women’s intuition.”

If you think the creepy feeling you get about the all-too-friendly neighbor being near your child is just your imagination you are disregarding the very instincts you were gifted with to protect your child.

Your As “Mom”

Your job as a mom is to use your instincts to keep you alive and healthy to care for your children. This means your safety comes before theirs just like the oxygen mask speech on an airplane. Trusting and following your gut feelings will protect you from verbal, mental, emotional and physical attack.

Why Do We Disregard Our Born-In Safety Feature?

Women have been raised to be polite, get along and avoid making waves. This is dangerous because our gut feeling may tell us:

  • To leave a situation as soon as possible yet we stay to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable.
  • Our parents are unsuitable babysitters but we allow it because we don’t want the emotional baggage that comes with denying them the “privilege” of watching their grandchildren.
  • There is something fishy about a teacher or authority figure (or our spouse) when they are around our child yet the majority of moms will chalk the feeling up to being overprotective.
  • Ninety-five percent of all types of attack can be avoided by acknowledging, trusting and following gut feelings.

Mom, your gut feeling is correct and you have permission to trust your instincts.

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