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Sexy At Any Size: Tips From Author & Makeup Artist Stella Ellis


Sexy At Any Size: Tips From Author & Makeup Artist Stella Ellis

Stella Ellis author and makeup artist shares her philosophy and beauty tips with women of every size in her book Size Sexy: How To Look Good, Feel Good, And Be Happy – At Any Size. In a recent article on Huffington Post, Stella says “Full figured women must refuse to be discriminated against based on size and we must remove the terms “fat girl” and “plus size” from our vocabulary.”

Here are tips she shares on how to pick the right clothing to make you look feminine, confident, sexy, and glamorous!

  • Figure out your body type and stop wearing baggy, shapeless, and dull clothes. Most size sexy women are shaped like Apples, Pears, Triangles or Hourglasses. Assess your body in a full length mirror and learn it! Knowing your body shape helps you select a wardrobe that flatters your assets and minimizes the areas that are less trim.
  • Then, flaunt your assets. If you have a small waist and trim ribcage, wear sweaters or jackets that button just under your bust line. Also, wear belts to define your waistline and emphasize those fabulous curves. Do you have fantastic shoulders? Wear off-the-shoulder tops and brush your hair back to emphasize your bare shoulders. If your bust line is your best asset, wear V-necks and formfitting clothes that glide over, but do not cling to your breasts.
  • Hide your challenges. Every body shape has certain challenges, but some of my tips work for all figures. Avoid shapeless and bulky clothing. This means no bubble skirts, bulky sweaters, or loose fitting tunics. These will make you look bigger rather than smaller, and we want to compliment and accentuate the body you have!
  • Think about your personal style. How would your friends describe your sense of style? What are your favorite, classic items of clothing? How many pairs of shoes do you own? These answers will help you become more aware of and focused on your image so you can learn to make the impression to desire to make.
  • Clean out your closet. Be honest with yourself about each item of clothing. In order to begin the journey to your new sexy and fabulously dressed you, get rid of the old stuff. Is it cheap? Cheap clothing often falls apart so think about clothes as an investment. Is it out-of-date? A fashionable woman never looks dated!
  • And most importantly, shift your attitude. There is so much more to you than your size — so free yourself from it! Be size sexy and remember self-acceptance and a positive attitude make you confident, successful, and happy. It is time that full-figured women rule!


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