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Making Mother’s Day Memorable


Making Mother’s Day Memorable

By: Kimmoy Matthews

There are days when the memory of my mother brings tears because I miss her so much and there are days when my heart is warm because of the great memories we shared. As we celebrate mothers this year, many are scrambling trying to decide what to buy for there mothers. It became clear to me that my favorite memories with my mom are actually pretty great clues for memorable mother’s day gifts.

Every day I smelled my mom’s perfume, heard the click of her heels, and the jingle of her bracelets right before she popped in the door to give me a hug and an occasional treat. She made it home just in time for us to watch All My Children together.

Gift ideas: A new bottle of her favorite perfume, a new pair of heels, and of course jewelry is always a fabulous gift for the mom who exudes femininity and grace with ease.

The women in my family are phenomenal bakers and my mom was known for the best apple pie in the neighborhood around Christmas time. All the kids flock to our tiny shanty house for the delicious baked treats all made from scratch.

Gift ideas: I can attest that we never had enough baking pans, rolling pins, pastry cookbooks, etc. with all the baking that goes on. A nice gift card to Williams-Sonoma or a gift certificate to a pastry class would be a nice treat for the moms who enjoy the kitchen.

Almost every Sunday, my mom and I would take an impromptu drive to the beach to enjoy local dishes such as goat water and saltfish pates and a nice cold bottle of Vita Malt or Brow soda to seal the deal. Even if I didn’t wear my swimsuit in advance, I just couldn’t resist going for a dip in the water and my mom didn’t complain at all. To this day, the beach is my favorite place to be.

Gift ideas: A nice getaway to my hometown St. Thomas or a dinner at an exotic restaurant is perfect for the moms who enjoy life’s cultural luxuries.

Remember, it really doesn’t matter what you buy; it’s about the experiences you shared together that will be most memorable. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

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