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Modeling Advice: Avoid The “Bells & Whistles”


Modeling Advice: Avoid The “Bells & Whistles”

One of the biggest mistakes newer models often make when putting looks together for their test shoots is that they over accessorize and wear way too much make-up.  The purpose of your test shots is to build your portfolio and show your diversity as a model by showcasing YOU the best way possible. 

Glamour and high fashion photos definitely have their place, and as you build your portfolio, you can add these looks, but in general, the plus market is very commercial and clean.  Too much make up, specifically on the eyes and lips, can age you in your photos, while too many accessories and a distracting wardrobe, which I like to call “bells and whistles” can take the focus away from the main focus, which is YOU! 

Remember, how you represent yourself in your pictures is exactly what potential agents or clients will be seeing.  When you attend open calls for agencies, you are often screened by receptionists or assistants and you will not be face to face with an agent until they have seen your photos come across their desk.  This is also the case when you are submitting yourself electronically to the clients.  Your photos are often your first impression, so it is essential that your photos are a flattering and accurate representation of how you look right now, without all the “bells and whistles”.

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