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Respect the TATAS!


Respect the TATAS!

I have big breasts and I cannot lie.

So I was more than delighted to hear that Lane Bryant would be showing up and showing out in the new Cacique commercial, since I am a Cacique girl myself. Well that was until I found out that the new commercial would not air. The culprit…cleavage. Apparently the beautiful Ashley…had too much jiggle for America’s prime time viewing audience.

Are you kidding me? Size-ism once again rears its ugly head. If she was Heidi Klum, she could have pranced around in a clear bra and panties and nobody would have had a thing to say. Show up with double cups to the party and you’re not allowed to been seen before the late night news. Once again the average woman is given subpar representation.

I can’t hide my H-cups. I won’t hide my H-cups. People pay for my H cups (let’s be clear… not for mine, but you know…) I love my girls. We met when I was 12 and we’ve been together ever since. I remember only having nipples in the 7th grade and waking up a 38 C in 8th grade.

We’ve seen highs and lows together. Bois love ‘em *tee hee* I’m actually sad to see them go; since I’ve started the weight loss process.. I’ve gone from a 52K to my current 44H. I’ve even taken the time to spoil and pamper them with a bra fitting and purchasing bras that support them in all of their greatness. There is nothing like the great posture that a new bra incites. Quite honestly…I’m a breast man.

How dare major networks side eye big beautiful breasts. How dare they side eye big beauty. How dare they not respect the TATAS!

Ashley you are beautiful…thank you.



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