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Are Black Plus Size Models Underrepresented?


Are Black Plus Size Models Underrepresented?

Most of the world is discussing the lack of plus size models in fashion but Tasha Fierce has taken the debate a bit further. In a recent article on, she stated:

What’s lacking, specifically in the fashion establishment but less so in the satellite world of “fatshion” blogging, is representation of models/women of color. I want to speak specifically about black plus size models/women because there is a very particular perception of blackness conflated with female fatness as compared to other races, and it’s an identity I inhabit on a daily basis.

She continues to say:

When Glamour magazine featured 7 nude plus size models in their November 2009 issue, only one – Anansa Sims, daughter of straight size supermodel Beverly Johnson – was black or even of color. This despite the fact that there are many more black plus size models out there, and despite the fact that the fat fashion blogosphere – an engine driving the plus sized clothing industry – is filled with examples of fat black women interested in fashion and modeling their clothes.

She draws the conclusion that:

Until the straight size world fully accepts their black models, plus size black models are unlikely to achieve any more success than their thin sisters. Unfortunately neither of these things seem likely to happen soon.

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Do you think there is any truth to what Tasha says?

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