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If You Believe In Spanking That Means You’re A Republican


If You Believe In Spanking That Means You’re A Republican

Many people believe that kids should get a spanking every now and then.  Parents who spank often believe that it’s a well respected tool to discipline a child.  Those who oppose it feel that you can get your point across without violence.  As a mother I am on the fence but I confess, my parents spanked my brothers and I on a regular basis and we turned out pretty awesome.  Not only did we receive a spanking when we got out of line, but  my brother even got a backhand while sitting behind my mom in the car daily.  Actually, my younger brother was a problem child compared to my older brother and I but in someone else’s home, he would be labeled an angel.

A study was conducted April 15-19 by HCD Research using its® website, to see how people felt when viewing a news clip that suggested that spanking may cause aggression and lower IQ scores in children.

Among political parties, the results indicated that Republicans believe that spanking their children is more necessary for disciplining them than Democrats and Independents. The average score for how necessary Republicans viewed spanking was a 4.0, based on a scale of 1-7, while the average necessary scores for Democrats and Independents were 3.3 and 3.4, respectively.

Again I can’t say that I agree or disagree with Republicans or Democrats but I definitely understand the spanking debate and why it exists.  On one hand those in favor of spanking view it as a physical way of modifying a child’s behavior without causing physical injury.  Reference to the Bible has even been cited, stating that it supports this type of discipline.  Another thing to take into consideration is the use of other forms of discipline and if they were effective.

Those against spanking believe that it’s ineffective and teaches a child to fear his/her parents and not to respect them.  In addition to instilling fear it teaches children that physical violence is a means to get your way.  Another point is the physical harm associated with spanking, especially if a parent is angry when delivering the lashing.  Lastly, is the belief that it can result in your child having low self-esteem.

So are you a Republican or a Democrat?  I really don’t want to know your political views but do you think spanking is effective or not?  Be careful in answering this question.  It may determine your political preference in the future.

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