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R.I.P. Poor Single Woman


R.I.P. Poor Single Woman

By: Suezette Y. Robotham

Friends…loved ones…

We are here today to BURY…the why women are single conversation.

I’m over it, simply over it. Pass me the shovel.  I’ll bury it myself. This is saying a lot considering the last time I had anything to do with a gardening tool, my mother told me never to touch her yard again.  Seriously, in 2010…no more…done…it’s over…finished. No more poor women that can’t find a good man conversation allowed in my general vicinity.  Why am I so adamant you might be asking yourself? Because the argument as is, does not acknowledge quite a few factors:

1. Some of us are single, not because we are super independent, can’t nobody hold me down workaholics, but because we genuinely enjoy not being in relationships.

2. Single does not mean lonely.

3. Not every woman is in “search” of a man


5. There are plenty of Good men looking for Good women

This list could get longer, but hopefully yall see my point.

As Captain of my destiny and a believer in a Higher Being…I personally subscribe to the school of thought that says, things in life happen the way they’re supposed to and not necessarily the way we always want them to.   Speak what you want into the Universe and know that what is meant to be will be returned to you.

Let’s do some reality checking quickly…because on the other side of the coin is this…every dude you meet ladies…is not your husband. People truly come into our lives for a reason, season, and lifetime. It’s illogical to think that all of the lessons that we learn have to be good ones. Sometimes we have to learn what doesn’t work for us. I think Feist said it best, “Now I know what I don’t want, I learned that with you.”

Please stop exaggerating “good qualities” he barely exhibits in the name of being in a relationship. A relationship should be a healthy place of growth, thought partnering, and refuge where love and life come together to be a beautiful thang.

Sure, I’d like to settle down in due time. It doesn’t have to be tomorrow, or the next day. What I do know is this, when it happens, it happens.  In the meantime I’mma enjoy my life for what it is.

We’re going to leave this grave unmarked because I def don’t want to see it again.



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