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Is America Obsessed With Weightloss?


Is America Obsessed With Weightloss?

I was recently looking at a news article about Weight Watchers employing Jennifer Hudson for their latest ad campaigns. And we have Jennifer Craig who rotates celebrities now – Valerie Bertinelli, James Alexander, yadda yadda. (Hey, had to do a Seinfeld commemoration!)

This all got me thinking – are Americans more obsessed with weight loss than other cultures? Or, is it perhaps the way we go about weight loss that’s different, but the obsession the same? In America, I see the ”group/assisted” programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, and LA Weight Loss, (by the way, I tried Jenny Craig, and the assistants are nothing like the celebrities belabor! I guess if you’re a celebrity maybe you get extra help!) and the mail order programs like Nutrisystem, and we have Boot Camp exercise programs, The Biggest Loser on TV, weight loss drugs, weight loss shakes, weight loss bars, and now…weight loss surgery! Sure, beyond liposuction, you can now get a sort of rubber band placed around your stomach to lose weight! We seem to want quick fixes, but we don’t seem to promote as much long-term solutions. What I mean is, you pick your method – drugs, special foods, group/assisted method, etc. and once you’ve lost the weight, you’re on your own.

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