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Dating Wardrobe Essentials


Dating Wardrobe Essentials

Dating? Wouldn”t it be nice to have a wardrobe of date-worthy clothes that would really flatter your curves?

Yes, I know he loves you for yourself. He was drawn to your lovely personality in addition to your looks. Then again, it wouldn”t hurt to make the most of what you”ve got and watch his jaw drop when he sees you.

A full wardrobe makeover can be very expensive but you don”t need to fill your wardrobe to the brim with new outfits. All you need is a capsule wardrobe of 10 well chosen pieces (clothes and accessories) for all your dates.

The main thing you should take note of is that every piece should be versatile and can be combined in many ways for many looks.


These are my top 10 picks.

1. A fitted dress in a color that flatters you, which hugs you curves.

Go for color. Pick one that makes you look radiant, not sickly. No matter how much you love that outfit, if the color does nothing for you, skip it. Keep in mind that you are building a capsule wardrobe, so pick only items make you look amazing. Avoid loose dresses. They would only make you look fat. Go for one that hugs your curves and nips in your waist.

2. A low cut top in a different color from your dress.

I”m sure there is more than one color that flatters you. Find another color that makes you look amazing and get a sexy top in that shade. That top can go with a myriad of bottoms for many different looks. Invest that gorgeous top that makes you look amazing.

3. A pair of jeans.

Get one cut to fit the plus size woman.

4. 1 long elegant black skirt.

That is a feminine basic that can take you to a concert, a dinner date or anywhere that requires elegant dressing. Avoid anything frilly as frills add volume which is what you would want to avoid. A silk skirt that hugs your curves would be ideal.

5. 1 black dress in a length you are comfortable in, which makes you look amazing.

It could have a plunging front if you are proud of your cleavage, or it could show off your back if you have smooth, beautiful skin.

6. 1 faux fur lined leather jacket.

That is sleek, chic and utterly gorgeous. Not to mention, warm enough for cold days or nights out.

7. 1 sexy top that shows off your cleavage, or your shoulders.

For versatility, make this one in a neutral color which you look great in.

8. 1 pair of sexy high heel shoes.

Hey, this is a date wardrobe and high heels make a girl even sexier.

9. A pair of boots.

Make these a chic pair and wear them with total confidence.

10. Large Jewelry.

One large item creates more impact than lots of tiny jewels that disappear on you. Proportion is everything, so make your jewelry plus size as well. You can wear chunky bracelets, chandelier earrings and impressive necklaces much better than your skinny sisters. Real jewels, especially large items, can cost a fortune. Go for cubic zirconia jewelry instead. These are so much more affordable, and just as stunning.

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