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Lose Weight With F.I.T.!


Lose Weight With F.I.T.!

With the popularity and success of weight loss support groups such as Jenny Craig and TV shows such as Biggest Loser, Shalonda Profit, president of F.I.T. made a firm decision that she was going to start a weight loss support group in our church.

Many of us had been voicing our desires to lose weight and actually have at times but only to gain it with more disappointment, discouragement and less energy.  Since we know that our bodies are the temple in which God dwells and we are responsible for taking care of it.  Eating healthy and exercising are great ways to start but first you have to have a made up mind.  We all came together finally forming F.I.T. – “Fixing Inside the Temple” because we decided it was time for a change, mind body and soul.

The beginning of our group started with the distribution of binders w/healthy food ideas and food journals as well as a summary of the purpose of our weight loss support group.  At the start of our group we wrote each others weight and measurements down so that we could track our progress.  As we endeavor to reach our goals and change our eating habits permanently, we support each other via text, email and Monday Conference Call phone meetings.  There is a “no judgment” zone where we can be honest about the areas in which we have failed but as a group we come together to offer different ways of targeting the areas that we are weak in so that we can accomplish the weekly goals that we set up for ourselves.  During our Monday phone meetings each of us share what exercises we are doing, what works for each individual, and the goals that we are setting for ourselves for that week.  This helps us to see what works best for each of us.

The group is new but we have endless ideas to keep us involved and accountable for our weight.  We will be having fashion shows, participating in walkathons, group workouts, and even having a spa day in which we pamper ourselves for a day as a reward.  The support is like no other because it keeps us involved.  We are always getting e-mailed some health articles or getting a text from someone encouraging us to eat something healthy or try a new exercise for that day.  It is challenging and fun at the same time.

We are curvy and beautiful and we are F.I.T.!  We are focused on glorifying God in our bodies by taking care of it and we seek not only to lose weight but to be healthy in choices that we make not only in food but also even in relationships as uncontrollable emotions can lead to binge eating and so on.  If you have found yourself in an unhealthy rut like myself, hopefully this will inspire you to start your own weight loss support group, even if you just have two or three friends or coworkers who want to get fit and maybe you can share with us some of your favorite exercises or recipies or what works for you, hey maybe we should start a group on our Venus Diva Forum?

God Bless!

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