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Teenager Cooperation: Getting Your Teen To Dress Appropriately


Teenager Cooperation: Getting Your Teen To Dress Appropriately

What happens when you’re an opinionated strong woman and you raise a girl to reflect your personality? You end up with a strong and outspoken teenager. This is the case for Madonna. According to E Online, Madonna and her daughter 13 year old Lourdes are starting to butt heads. Lucky for Madonna, it’s nothing too serious. Lourdes has inherited Madonna’s edgy sense of style and in a typical, “Do what I say, not what I do” manner, Madge does not approve of her daughters style choices. Mommy dearest would like her teen daughter to dress more conservatively.

I don’t know who is going to win this war but Lola will probably win considering the lifestyle they lead but what if you and your child are not a celebrity. What if your teenager wants to dress completely inappropriate for the lifestyle they lead? Here are some tips to teach your teen what and what not to wear without sounding too harsh.

  • To lay it all down, you must first impose the rules. Whether they like it or not, they should follow how they should be dressed. Time will come, they’ll understand why you’re strict and they might even thank you for it. Don’t forget how teenagers tend to respond to things especially when you impose strict rules. That is how you were before anyway. To avoid misunderstandings, talk to them in a friendly way rather than acting like Mr. Policeman.
  • Impose rules when your teens are wearing too revealing clothes that aren’t appropriate for them anymore. Revealing clothes make them look like one of the sexually active citizens or they might even look like sluts. They will never think of it this way but believe me, people who look at them do.
  • Be calm when you’re talking to your children. Even if they’re already grown up, they still react to your moods. Being calm will help her understand what you are about to say. Don’t demand, just explain or talk to her about the possibilities when she’s wearing those clothes. In this way, they will think of you being very concerned rather than a demanding, over conservative parent. They’ll end up following you and feeling good about themselves.
  • As a famous model/host has said, “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” Be aware that fashion is not stable. But clothes what you think for more than five months. Why don’t you take the time to open up about each other’s style and find the trends that you both love? Browse through fashion magazines or even online to learn more about what you both love and hate. Going shopping together is a definite bonding time.
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