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Weave Free? Not Me!


Weave Free? Not Me!

Hi My name is Cassy and I am addicted to Weaves, any form,  any type, I love them all!! I am not ashamed to admit it. I feel that it is my harmless addiction of choice. Now it is not because I don’t have hair of my own, my hair is down my back, I simply don’t have the time anymore to spend 6 hrs in the salon for a style that will only last for 2 weeks! Why would I do that when I can walk into a beauty supply store, get a new do and be ready to go out well before night fall. I have such a good relationship with the store near my home that I can walk in and pick out a lace front and they will apply it for me for free! They even call me when they have specials on my favorite pieces too …ok that may be a little crazy…I guess you can call them my pusher lol..

Some may think I am ashamed of my natural texture and that my addiction is fueled by social pressures to conform to a more European look. It is not that at all. I have ordered product to create Senegalese twists that resembled dread locks. I couldn’t wait till the dreads grew naturally down my back, so I grew some overnight! I am very proud of who I am and proud of my cloud (as the soul singer Donnie would say). I think of my hair as an accessory, no different than a nice heel or a fly purse. It can make or break an outfit. I promise you no matter how fly your outfit may be, if your weave is busted, your whole look will be too! So it is all important to me.

So that is my confession, I am a card carrying, extension, wig, ponytail, falls, full units, lace front, 27 piece, half /full pack lovin’ addict! I don’t know if I need recovery, I don’t think I want it!!

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