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Plus Size Models Need Proper Undergarments Too


Plus Size Models Need Proper Undergarments Too

I really like what we are seeing lately. Designers are adding curvier women to the runway in record numbers! But at what cost? Do we run to any designer that calls when they are looking for plus inspiration for their line to be seen on a national stage or as a model do we have to be careful of who we walk for to ensure the plus model is seen in a positive light? This is the question that many plus models are facing now. I wonder if the plus models chosen to be in Mark Fast‘s Fall 2010/2011 collection in London’s Fashion week were faced with that question. Although I applaud his courage by adding models larger than a size 0 to his runway and giving our models a international platform, he should have first taken the time to educate himself on the proper fit of a plus size woman.

Cutting a larger piece of fabric is simply not enough. It must be figure flattering to say the least. Watching this video makes me value the most treasured piece of equipment known to any plus size model, the proper undergarment! It may have been impossible to find the correct apparatus that would have made these clothes fit any better. Most of his collection was “form fitting” and his size 0 models looked great in what they were wearing.

The plus size models were the only ones that wore pieces that were “ill-fitting”.This is not at all the fault of the model, after all they were chosen to be there and the garments were chosen for them. The blame falls squarely on Fast, who chose to display pieces that didn’t make sense for a curvier frame.

Designers, please take note that adding a plus size to your runway just for the sake of it does a disservice to the model who wears your garment, to your talent as a designer and to the curvy consumer who will overlook your collection based on the ill fit of your models. Now, I am not saying that Mark Fast expanded his collection because of the media hype, it is quite possible that he was sincere in his attempt. Watch the show and you be the judge..

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