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Pregnancy Myths & Facts for Plus Size Women


Pregnancy Myths & Facts for Plus Size Women

As I progress in my pregnancy, I often come across myths that many women have regarding what plus size women go through while pregnant.  I have shared what I’ve learned in previous articles and I try to give women who are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant as much information as possible.   Below I address some common pregnancy myths for plus size women.

Myth: Being overweight will result in blurry or bad ultrasound images.

Fact: Either the technician is being lazy or the equipment is crappy. I’ve seen ultrasounds for women in the 300lb range and they are very clear. If it’s blurry it could be the baby moving. Just don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your weight and turn an exciting moment like seeing your unborn baby into a depressing one. Even for 3d/4d ultrasounds it’s very possible to get good clear pictures. The place I went to my weight was never asked about when I made the appointment nor was it an issue when I got there and the pictures turned out fantastic!

Myth: Your baby measuring large means you’ll have to have a C-section.

Fact: The measurements taken are estimates. Even the ultrasound measurements can be 1-2 lbs off. Many women say they were told they were going to have large 9-10lb babies and ended up with a 7 or 8 lb baby. It’s your body, your baby; do not let anyone force you into doing something. Do plenty of research and even get second opinions if needed. Also know that just because you’re plus size doesn’t mean your baby will be a large one. I measured slightly large at one appointment, the doctor ordered a ultrasound for the next and the baby was right on track for the week I was in.

These are just 2 more Plus Size Maternity myths that I have found plus size women being told or stressing about. Remember, stress is not good pregnant or not. So thrive in your happy and healthy pregnancies!

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