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Love Life With SueZette


Love Life With SueZette

I’ve been debating what my first post for DVD should be.  Is there a right way to introduce one’s self?
*pageant wave*  Hello my loves…welcome to the random musings of a super sexy extra large fly chick.  Did that work?  I hope so.
You might be asking yourself…who is this broad? And that’s ok…seriously…I’d be asking the same question if I was sitting on your side of the screen reading this. So maybe I should have started with, “Hello my name is…sueZette.”  I’m a plus size sister in the seasoned portion of her 20s…living…laughing…loving… and being on the South side of town.
I’m honored and thrilled to be a part of the Daily Venus Diva family; and I’m ecstatic to share parts of my life with you all on a weekly basis.  Some week’s we’ll talk about Big Love…some weeks we’ll talk about my weight loss…some weeks I’ll ask you all for topics.  The moral of the story…we’re going to do a lot of laughing, crying, thinking, and growing together…and I hope that works for yall.  Aight?!  Aight!
So let’s say…same place…same time next week..

About SueZette:   SueZette is a proud card carrying member of the SUPER SEXY XL club. Northern-born, Southern-reared, Island-infused…this broad’s got a 6’1” mentality with a business woman’s sensibility. When she’s not focused on ED reform, she’s dishing out advice on her site, and hitting the internet super highway in search of her next sophistafunk buy!

Her Motto: “Where there is woman there is magic.”-Ntozake Shange

Expect Love, Life & Wonderfulness

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