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A Supportive Family Equals A Successful Business

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A Supportive Family Equals A Successful Business

Business owners are like anyone else – we need the support of our families to succeed.  But what if your family doesn’t support you in your business? That can be very tough.

At times my husband is not very supportive, while my mom is my number one cheerleader..  I can only imagine what a person with no support goes through. So what do you do?

When your family or friends are not supportive you will hear comments like, “that’s a dumb idea” or “Don’t get me involved.” Well, at least that’s not downright hostility, but it certainly isn’t support. Here are some tips that may get your over this hurdle of non interest.

What’s the issue? Find out why your spouse/significant other/partner is negative. Maybe it’s what you do that he/she doesn’t like. Maybe it’s a concern about the time and money it will take to get started. Getting the concern out in the open will help you both figure out how to deal with it.

Play “What If”? I believe in expecting the best and planning for the worst. Spend some time talking about “What if?” – “What if the company runs out of money?” “What if one of the kids gets sick?” “What if I can’t work?” By describing and working through these potential negatives, you come to discover that you can in fact figure them out. Something

Work Together on the Business Plan. I’m a firm believer in creating a business plan at the beginning. The ability to sit down and talk about the plan may be enough to get the other person excited about it’s potential. Working through the financial statements gives both of you a picture of how the company can succeed. For example, you might find out that you can make more money than you thought, or that you don’t need all those expenses, particularly if you work from home.

Put ‘em to Work. This may or may not be a great idea. Some spouses don’t want to work in your business. But even a small job, like doing the accounting may be enough to give the other person a feeling that he or she is needed.

Set Limits. Often, the other person is fearful that the business will take all your time. The woman I mentioned above found out that her retired husband was sure they wouldn’t be able to go on vacations. When she showed him how she was going to hire an employee to take over when she was gone. he was happy. Of course, in the beginning you may not be able to get away, but if you build in the systems to have the business run itself, you should be able to leave occasionally after it gets up and running.

So, what suggestions do you have for the person who says, “My spouse isn’t supportive?” What has been your experience? What have you done?

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