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Yoga For People Of All Sizes


Yoga For People Of All Sizes

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and currently close to 11 million Americans are enjoying its health benefits. However, those who are not “height/weight proportionate” have been excluded from trying yoga to improve the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Why? Because a person generally starts a yoga practice by attending yoga classes, where they can learn the techniques and postures before continuing at home. Unfortunately, there are very, very few yoga classes that are geared towards those who are plus-sized. That was the impetus for me to write Plus-Sized Yoga: Beginners Yoga for People of All Sizes, being published in April. Broken up into three sections, the book explains the components of Yoga, where to start and how to use it in your personal life.

The practice of yoga has proven benefits:

  • The most obvious and immediate physical improvement is greater flexibility. Yoga will elongate your muscles and allow a wider range of motion for your joints. The stretching will release tension in your body, helping you relax. Plus, practicing yoga will tone your muscles.
  • The breathwork is my favorite part of Kundalini Yoga. Before long, you will be breathing deeper, bringing more oxygen to your brain, organs and muscles. Learning to breathe more deeply and consistently will balance your nervous system and in turn both relax and energize you.
  • You’ll experience improved sleep. This will help relax you even more and you’ll feel more alert during the day.
  • When doing Kundalini Yoga, your internal organs and endocrine system (glands) get a gentle message. This creates an overall detoxification effect and aids digestion.
  • Through yoga and meditation you will become more centered and better focused. Your awareness of your thoughts and feelings will increase. Your intuition will start to improve and you will begin to feel more at peace. Your interactions with others and the world will start to feel more harmonious and you might notice that you’re feeling happier.

These positive effects can start to occur after practicing just one or two times!

What are you waiting for?

About the Author: Donald Keith Stanley spent 22 years in the natural foods industry, retiring with the title Global Incentive Compensation Manager. He left that work to pursue his dream of helping others achieve their potential. Stanley has been a spiritual seeker and truth student for 25 years. He has traveled literally around the world accumulating a wealth of knowledge and experience.

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