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Ladies , The Number On the Scale Means Nothing!

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Ladies , The Number On the Scale Means Nothing!

In one of the Plus Expectant Moms groups I belong to, one of the ladies posted about her recent checkup and how embarrassed she was that her husband was right there with her when she was on the scale. She never wanted him to know her weight. This started a chain of other plus women saying how their husbands or significant others don’t know their weights either.

Not saying that I particularly go out of my way to divulge this information, I don’t try to hide it either.  Part of loving yourself and embracing who you are, is to embrace all of who you are. Why hide  in shame because of  numbers on the scale? In reality, I’ve had guys shocked at some of my previous weights because the concept of the number is different in everybody’s mind. So to many of them, I was physically smaller than the number on the scale.

Some of the women that responded did say that it’s only a number. They also mentioned a key point; the men in our lives love us for who we are including our size and the number on the scale. Some women said, “He knows better than to look.” Others mentioned how the embarrassment comes from him being smaller than they are. Why are we treating this like the pink elephant in the room?

Ladies, you’re giving the scale more power over your life and relationship than that piece of metal deserves! What is he going to say? “Geez, I knew you were big but not that big!” If he’s seen you naked, kisses your curves and even made a baby with you, then ladies, embrace the number. If you aren’t happy with the number on the scale then it’s your responsibility to do something about it. Like any secret or thing we see as a hidden shame, we can only heal from it and move on if we confront it head on. The man in your life will embrace you wanting to change or staying exactly the way you are, so start sharing those numbers!

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