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Pretty Girl Project Encourages Parents to Keep Girls Busy


Pretty Girl Project Encourages Parents to Keep Girls Busy

With the use of of computers, video games and so many other distractions on the rise, participating in after school activities are a thing of the past.  Keeping your daughters engaged is becoming increasingly difficult as the economy continues to decline and programs for children continue to dissolve each year.  Just because institutions and recreation centers are forced to close their doors, that does not mean your daughter has to suffer.  The Pretty Girl Project suggests a number of ways to encourage your daughter to get involved with extracurricular activities.

Cheerleading– The sport of cheering teaches girls the importance of practice, dedication and sisterhood.  Cheering is a great way to build confidence in self and in others.  When competing, cheering can also encourage good sportsmanship.

Music Education– Girls who are exposed to music are often introduced to thinking creatively and outside of the box.  Music allows children to explore other cultures which can eventually broaden their tastes and appreciate people that are not like them. Additionally, music is great for teaching self-expression.

Girl Scouts– Participating in Girl Scouts of America teaches girls the importance of developing their talents and skills.  They are placed in many situations where problem solving and decision making skills are used.  It also teaches them about celebrating and accepting diversity.

Scrapbooking– Scrapbooking is a very stress-free activity and when done in a group can be fun.  It allows girls to share ideas and inspire one another.  It also gives them a break from their normal routine.

It is important to encourage creativity, team work, self confidence, team spirit and time management.  Girls involved in extracurricular activities are 75% more likely to perform well in school and are less likely to partake in drug/alcohol use and engage in sex.

Keeping girls busy in after-school activities gives them something fun and entertaining to do.  It also teaches important life skills, preparing them to become responsible, well-balanced women. Many activities continue into adulthood, providing lifelong enjoyment and long lasting friendships.

About The Author: The Pretty Girl Project is an initiative based non profit organization that encourages girls ages 12-17 to embrace their inner and outer beauty.  Positive reinforcement in areas such as individual expression, maintaining positive relationships and celebrating their self worth is made possible through various programs and initiatives throughout the year.

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