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Women Reveal What They Consider “Plus Size”


Women Reveal What They Consider “Plus Size”, the most trusted online destination and Magazine for Plus Size women recently conducted a survey to determine what women considered plus size.  The online magazine that offers daily articles on fashion, health, lifestyle, shopping and many other topics went live on September 1, 2009.  They are an authority among the plus size women and are often the first to report on many topics  relevant to their curvy reader.  The survey, which was posted to the site on February 8, 2010,  received many responses.  Of the readers who responded to the survey:
  • 0.9% felt that women over a size 10 is plus size
  • 11% considered women wearing a size 12 and up to be plus sizeWith so much attention that the industry is currently receiving, feels it is important to address the needs of women as well as get their opinions on a number of  topics.  At any given time a person visiting DVD will be greeted with a survey that reflects topics that are relevant in the world regarding women.
  •  27% of the readers stated that being plus size depended upon a  woman’s body proportions.
  • While 61% of the readers felt that plus size women should a size  14 or higher.


 “Our survey’s give us a chance to stay connected to our readers and bring them articles that they are interested in,” states Editor Stephanie Danforth.  “We are thankful for the readers that understand our willingness and dedication to them and in turn are dedicated to us,” she continues.

 By providing a magazine that women can visit daily and be greeted with newsworthy content, is in a league of its own.  Never before has a daily online magazine been so dedicated to giving it’s readers such an array of information that is necessary when thriving in their curves.

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