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Energy Efficiency Isn’t the Only Way to Go Green

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Energy Efficiency Isn’t the Only Way to Go Green

The first things that spring to mind you consider going green are usually things like energy efficient appliances or having better insulation or plumbing in your home. There are various ways in which we can access these kinds of changes by reading on the internet to learn which products are best to shop for and which ones help the environment.

If you’re thinking about going green, other well known examples would be places like the kitchen or the bedroom, with simple solutions like not using the heating as much or having energy efficiency as a priority when it comes to the electrical equipment we buy. This is especially true of the products we purchase like washing machines and other laundry appliances like tumble dryers and washer dryers too.

In the bathroom we all spend plenty of time getting clean each day, but how much water are we using in the shower or bath? Going green can easily be changed for the better. Most refrigerators are now A rated but some are even better than others, it’s always best to check the consumption levels of the model (as with dishwashers, cookers and ovens and hobs). It’s not just large electrical that are sapping power in your house- this also includes the humble kettle and toaster, and just about anything that you use to prepare hot food. All these gadgets have ratings on them for electrical power efficiency and energy saving levels.

Instead of focusing on the amount of hot water and cleaning materials being used when having a spring clean, think about how you can reduce the amount of water and chemicals that you use to do the job. The same can be said of the office too, is it really necessary to get the vacuum out 3 times a week or is just once enough? These are the places where energy saving lighting can be employed, a fixture that could be in every building that needs lighting present. Changes like this require no energy installer or special equipment. You can do it yourself, most of the products needed, even things like energy saving light bulbs for a new shed can be bought from a DIY store. Again, don’t buy any old mower; buy one that is kind to the World.

Outside of the property there are even considerations to be made when you choose the furniture you want for the garden. The material they are made of can have an impact on climate change, as can the plant life that you buy. Growing your own plants and vegetables or farming fish will decrease the carbon footprint you have, by reducing trips to the shops by car or another vehicle.

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