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Legacy: What Will Yours Be?

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Legacy: What Will Yours Be?

By: Victoria Martin II

Its no secret… all of our days are numbered. We know neither the time nor the day that we will be called home. That’s why I guess someone somewhere said” live each day as if its your last”. As the first quarter of this year draws to an end, I continue to grow. Continue to re-evaluate my purpose, my happiness, and my ambition. I want to do my best!

I realize that I need to live this life with little regrets in every way, every single day. As tomorrow is not promised to me. Think about that. What amends need to be made with self as well as with others. Righting those wrongs. What “things” have you talked about embarking upon but are still in the planning stages? How many relationships are broken or dysfunctional that are in need of repair? What selfless acts am I doing to improve the world and/or community in which I live? Is that spiritual bag packed and in order? All of these things should be important, as it’s a composite of what is left behind. It’s our advocator when we can no longer advocate for ourselves. It’s the voice that is heard as many listen to our story. Our legacy!

All of us wants to be remembered for the GOOD, we’ve done. But honestly, we are remembered in ratios. So in essence if there are only a few tangible positives gently sprinkled amongst a slew of negatives, disappointments, pessimism and not so nice relationships. That IS what’s remembered. As unfortunate as it may be, it is life. Getting your life in complete order, living out dreams, being authentic and honorable as well as accomplishing personal goals. This is by far a more fulfilling life. By far a proud story to be told on your behalf.

Waiting for a tomorrow, something that is not yours to claim is not a wise way to live. Are you proud of what you have accomplished, thus far? Do your loved ones know you love them? The road in which you are currently traveling, where does it lead? What Legacy will you leave behind? Don’t get caught with a 100:1, not in your favor…

About The Author: Victoria Martin II, your modern day B. Smith also referred to as the Urban Martha Stewart, creative mastermind of Catalyst Events and Designs. She is everything Style, a veteran of 12 yrs as Professional Wardrobe Stylist, Events Planner, Interior Decor Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Author, Mentor, and Hat she wears the proudest-MOTHER!

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