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Marriage Without Limits

Love and Intimacy

Marriage Without Limits

Marriage & Love Without limits is an attainable goal.  Beyond Seduction, Loving Without Limits, by Lisa Pankau shares what it takes to create and achieve personal growth and a deeper and more profound bond between couples that can last a lifetime and make everything in life worthwhile.

Here, Lisa Pankau explains how to recognize the needs and desires of your partner and set aside your own personal issues to be accommodating to his or her needs:
  • Marriage does take work-it just doesn’t have to be “dirty” work
  •  Your communication styles may be different but the heart of the matter is “how are you best heard?” You must know your love language and the language that your spouse speaks for solid communication to work.
  •  If you are willing to give 150% to making your partner happy and they are willing to do the same for you, your marriage will flourish and grow to the deeper levels of love that most people never experience. The fact is that most people do not even realize that something deeper and more profound can exist!
  • Sexual appetites, attitudes and fantasies are interrelated and can lead to a deeper and more profound bond. Sex is not a dirty word and should be openly discussed with a loving heart. Sex is a normal and integral part of healthy and enduring relationships as long as boundaries are respected.
  • Trust, communication, being best friends, respect, and acceptance/unconditional feelings are the keys that create a successful marriage.
  • Vulnerability is something that most people are afraid of and (unfortunately) never expose that tenderness to their partners. Only through vulnerability can your grow your relationship to deeper levels and strengthen your love bond.
  • Unconditional love sounds very daunting, if not impossible; however, it is the glue that will hold your relationship together. Unconditional does not mean tolerance of bad behavior, it means acceptance of your spouse as a human with the knowing that those things that may be upsetting can also be the things that bring you closer.
  • Bedroom “Essensuals” are critical to the health and growth of any marriage. There are particular items that every couple should have in their bedroom to stimulate the heath and growth of their relationship over the years.
  • Date nights may sound silly but a weekly date night is preferred (no less than one date per month) and is critical to the growth of your marriage. If he is not “wooing” his woman and if she not “swooning” over her man, someone else will! The need and desire for love and affection never changes! Date nights are the best way for couples to “play” and enjoy each other.
  •  Love does not mean sex; although it can! Men are visually stimulated and women are more “emotional”. Neither is right or wrong, it is just a fact of what our chemical composition reveals about our own humanity. Love is something that you do, not something that you have. They key is to accept and delight in the differences and explore and allow the balancing of needs to take place.
  • People need to be more forgiving and loving toward their spouse much as they are towards people at work. Couples must treat each other better than they treat the people they work with, not worse. While your home should be your safe haven, your attitudes and demeanor toward your partner/spouse may be misdirected toward the one you love the most.
  • There are times when there is hurt and pain. A successful marriage does not mean being “stuck” or unhappy. On the contrary, there are ways to enhance the love bond between two people even if there has been trauma in the relationship. If both people are committed to making the relationship work, it will work.
  • The most significant aspect of life is love. Marriage is a precious gift that we are so graciously given. Some of us are blessed with longer marriages than others and some of us never have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful expression of love. There is no time like now to enjoy the one you love on the deepest levels of love possible as you continue to grow to new and deeper depths of love.

Relationships are wonderful and beautiful. They last when we take the time to cultivate them.

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