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54 Percent of All Women Play Social Media Games


54 Percent of All Women Play Social Media Games

If someone gave me a dollar everytime one of my girlfriens asked me to play Fishville or Mob wars on Facebook, I wouldn’t be rich but I would be on my way to financial independence.

Now I know why!

A recent study conducted by Q Interactive and Engage! Expo reveals the thought process of women who engage in social media games. The findings were interesting especially since I don’t fit in with the majority. The study of over 700 women, found that 54 percent of those surveyed plays daily and 30 percent plays weekly.

Finding: “I Embrace My Inner Gamer!”

  • Of those surveyed, 42 percent consider themselves “gamers” and seven percent deem themselves “obsessed.”
  • For 67 percent, one to five hours per week is “socially acceptable”; however, 26 percent feel six or more hours per week is socially acceptable.
  • Nearly 45 percent of those surveyed have friends they consider “obsessed” with social media gaming.
  • Approximately 16 percent of those surveyed “hide” or “sometimes hide” their gaming habits.

Finding: “There are Gaming Faux Pas – But I Set Boundaries for Myself”

  • Over two-thirds of those surveyed believe there are “stigmas” associated with gaming. For those women, the leading stigma is:
    “Games are addictive” (24 percent)
    “Play makes you neglectful of other areas of your life” (21 percent)
    “Gaming is a waste of time” (17 percent.)
  • Play at work is basically off limits: 93 percent of those surveyed share they primarily play at home versus work.

Finding: “I Won’t Pay – No Matter How Much I Love a Game”

  • More than half of women surveyed – 54 percent – “fear” more games will make gamers pay in the future.
  • If forced to pay, 77 percent would give up the game, while:
    10 percent would prefer a monthly subscription or fee
    10 percent would prefer a pay-as-I-go system
    Two percent would prefer a separate payment scenario for each game played
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