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5 Tips For Renters Looking For Love

Love and Intimacy

5 Tips For Renters Looking For Love

Just like married home owners, single renters believe in love too and would not object to a romance with one of their neighbors.  Here five tips to renters looking to date someone living at their apartment community:

Apartment communities have great mixers that make it easy to socialize with existing friends, and meeting new ones. Don’t ditch out too early though; if you want to casually “bump” into someone you’ve had your eye on, make sure you stick around till the last sugar cookie is served. And don’t be shy: If he or she is at the mixer, then it’s likely that person has the same agenda as you. Find a common topic to talk about–perhaps a new rule in the building, a neighbor everyone hates, or the dog that won’t stop barking–and use that as your conversation starter.

Common areas, like the laundry room, also make for great social settings. Just be careful not to sort your soiled undergarments in plain view of the person you’re trying to meet. Your luck, he’ll be using the laundry machine one over from you. Of all the common areas that are great for meeting people, though, everything else pales in comparison to the pool. Think about it: Those UVA rays are known to pump people up with positive energy, and the fact that everyone’s already scantily clad just makes flirting that much more natural. Doesn’t hurt to have some sunscreen on hand ready to lend out, or help a neighbor with.

Apartment communities are by and large probably the best places to fall in love. It makes dating not only easier but cheaper–and in this economy that’s totally acceptable. If you don’t own a car, you can pick the girl up without anyone having to take a cab or use public transportation (bonus!). And don’t be afraid to invite her to dinner at a restaurant around the corner. Location, location, location? How about convenience!

The number one rule to live by if you’re looking for love where you live is to always–always!–make sure you look your best, even when you’re just picking up the mail. You never know where or when you’ll run into a prospective partner, so you have to be ready at all times. Yes, that’s a lot of work. And yes, it can be very stressful. But whoever said love was easy?

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