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Classic Trentacosta for Plus Size Women


Classic Trentacosta for Plus Size Women

If you’re looking for clothing size 10w-24w with a Contemporary yet sophisticated feel, Trentacosta is the perfect line for you. Each season designer Darren Trentacosta unveils a timeless collection. His spring/summer collection has pieces that every fashionista should include in her wardrobe. Plus size clothing designer Darren of Trentacosta shares his inspiration, what makes this collection stand out and how he views current plus size fashion trends.

What was the inspiration behind this collection?

What inspired me this season was the effortless way women seem to dress in NYC.. there seems to be such a cool yet hip way they assemble their wardrobe…every piece in our collection can be worked in such a way that you come off pulled together yet not overly done.

How is this collection different than past collections?

This season we expanded into knit as well as woven tops. These were meant to go back to our tailored suiting group…and while I was at it I updated our pencil skirts into 2 new designs, one being a stitched down draped bias cut design, very slimming! and the other a nod to the current trend in the use of oversized zippers as trim.

When designing the collection does it just come to you or does it take a lot of brainstorming?

What’s difficult is not always the design but in how to interpret the trends as we see them on the runways or in the contemporary stores, and make them work on a curvy body. I have spent as much as 6 fitting sessions trying to perfect a tailored pant on our fit model.

What fashion trends were you trying to embrace with this collection?

This season, like our past, is really a collection centered around what we call a “core capsule wardrobe”. The pieces within the line are meant to be worn as a set or broken apart and paired back to other brands or styled to suit your individual personality. We really don’t offer trend pieces but instead items that will be a staple in your closet. Their cut and fabrication makes them contemporary, but the silhouette is always classic.

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