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Plus Pregnancy – Update


Plus Pregnancy – Update

Well, next week I will be 30 weeks pregnant which means I only have approximately 10 weeks to go! Just wanted to give my fellow Plus Divas who may never have been pregnant somethings to think about.

Weight and Healthy Eating – The adage of “eating for two” should not be followed when pregnant. Especially for us plus size gals. The reason being when you add on the extra weight which is inevitable, the extra weight can cause issues for mom and the baby. I must admit, my diet has not been as healthy as it was when I was living by myself. I do find myself indulging from time to time but it’s all in moderation. To date I’ve gained about 30lbs. This could be depressing for some, being that the recommended maximum weight gain for plus women is 20lbs the entire pregnancy. However, as I’ve previously written, don’t sweat it if you go over the numbers. My doctors have yet to make my weight gain an issue. This may be because of several factors: 1. I’ve never had a history of high blood pressure -before or during this pregnancy. 2. My overall health history has been good. 3. I also don’t have any diabetic history in my family. Another thing to think about when considering your diet is the risk of gestational diabetes. At week 26, I had to take the glucose test. This testing consisted of drinking a sugary drink within 5 minutes then waiting around the doctor’s office for an hour, then having blood drawn. If you fail this testing you then have to take a 3 hour test, which includes fasting. I was fortunate enough to have passed with flying colors. If you don’t pass either test, your condition may be controlled by a special diet or shots.

Unknown surprises – During my 28th week visit, I was shocked to find out that I had tested Strep B positive. Apparently Strep B is a bacteria, we all have bacterias in our systems, so it’s nothing I contracted or could have prevented. By being positive I now have to have an IV of antibiotics when I go into labor to prevent the baby from getting infected. Talk about a shock to my system!

Other than these few issues it’s been a pretty great adventure! Keep it curvy and stress free my fellow pregnant and non-pregnant divas.

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