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How Far Will You Go To Know How Much Your Colleague Makes?

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How Far Will You Go To Know How Much Your Colleague Makes?

How far would you go to be “in the know”?

According to the Harlequin Romance Report 2010: Tempted1, a whopping 48% of Americans surveyed reveal that they have peeked at a colleague’s pay stub, admitting that they have given in to temptation and crossed the line to satisfy their curiosity.

This year’s annual Harlequin Romance Report, now in its 21st year, sets out to explore the good, the bad and the ugly side of temptation. Via a global online survey, men and women around the world revealed how far they are willing to go when tempted and those indulgences they could not live without, even during tough economic times.

Highlights of the American survey results include:

* Forty percent of Americans surveyed believe that lusting after someone other than their partner is completely harmless.
* Almost half of American men (43%) have been tempted to hook up with a friend’s significant other.
* Men, check your wallets. Twenty percent of American women surveyed admitted to taking money from their significant other’s wallet without their knowledge.
* It’s a jungle out there! Fifteen percent of male respondents and 10% of female respondents admitted to sabotaging a co-worker out of jealousy.
* No surprise here. While half of male respondents (50%) are tempted most by sex, 56% of women revealed that they are tempted by food first and foremost!

Harlequin’s survey also revealed that buying books was the number one temptation most (75%) Americans could not resist during the 2009 recession – sacrificing vacations, shopping sprees, dining out and going to the movies.

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