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Is the New Surgeon General Too Fat For The Job?


Is the New Surgeon General Too Fat For The Job?

For all that she’s done and for what the job description entails that has not stopped critics from saying Dr. Regina Benjamin should not be the next Surgeon General.

She’s 52, with an impressive resume and even opened her own clinic to help the poor and victims of Katrina. The problem? She’s on the plus side. No one knows how much she weighs or what her health is or eating habits but some just don’t like the idea of her looking pleasantly plump. Especially since this country has a problem with obesity. Critics thinks she’ll send the wrong message while supporters think she’s perfect for the job. Critics bring up the fact that she’s black and overweight and how obesity is more prevelant within the black community. But honestly, isn’t it easier to take health advice from someone who is or has gone through the struggles you’ve gone through? I personally, find it annoying to be told health tips from someone that’s never been over a size 4 in their life.

Have you heard some of the new studies? There are new studies that say you can be fit and fat! On the evening news the other night there were two women, one notably on the large side and the other smaller. The plus size woman was healthy while the smaller woman who had been on the small side all her life had heart disease! This alone is fuel to Dr. Benjamin’s supporting fire.

In her interview with Good Morning America Dr. Benjamin suggests working together with the nation on the problem of being overweight.

“Health and being healthy and being fit is not about a dress size,” she said. “It’s about how fit you are at that moment in time. I’m just like 67 percent of Americans. I struggle with my weight just like they do, so I understand. And I want to have them help me, and I’ll help them, and we’ll work together to try to become a healthier nation.”

So what do you think? Is she setting a bad example or does size really not matter for her to do her job?

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