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Plus Size Women Are Fashionistas!: My Letter To Tyra


Plus Size Women Are Fashionistas!: My Letter To Tyra

While searching for news to bring the readers of Daily Venus Diva, I came across this casting call:


Are you plus size and wish you could wear the latest fashion trends?  Do you wear baggy or oversized clothing because you don’t think you look good in other clothes?  Do you wear tight or form fitting clothes because you want to wear the latest fashions even if they don’t fit you properly?  Do you need advice on how to dress for your plus size body type?  Do you love fashion, but feel like you can’t be fashionable because of your weight?    If so, then SUBMIT BELOW.

Please only submit if you are willing to appear on “The Tyra Show”.

Dear Tyra,

One of the BIGGEST misconceptions is that Plus size women are not fashionable or if we do have a healthy dose of fashion sense, we’re unable to unleash the fashionista in us due to our size.  I know you think you were doing something when you strutted around in that fat suit but there is no amount of empathy in the world that would give you or anyone else a pass to “try” to understand what it’s like to be a plus size woman.  Furthermore, we don’t need or want your pity.  Plus size women (the majority) embrace the curves we were given on a daily basis.  We go shopping just like smaller women, we vacation….just likes smaller women and we have thriving relationships with people who love our curves.

We don’t sit around having pity parties and crying our eyes out wishing we could be something that we’re not.  Society (you included) does not understand us or how we feel about ourselves and that lack of understanding makes me laugh at you more than anyone else.  What’s so funny about you is of all the celebrities you think you understand us the most and that’s what cracks me up.  The other sad part is I don’t think you want to understand us.  If your pity party towards us turned into a celebration of plus size women, I’m sure your viewers would not like that very much.  A story about plus size women who aren’t able to release their inner fashionista is probably much more interesting than a bunch of pleasantly plumped women who take pride in their appearance and thrive in their curves.

In closing, I love America’s Next Top Model, I really do but I expect more from you Tyra. There is a movement going on and simple minded people are going to miss out on some really exciting things because you’re too busy trying to find the plus size women who lock themselves in their rooms and look at pictures of Kate Moss while dreaming of thinner days.  Look us up! We’ve got online magazines (Lifestyle & Fashion), we’re entrepreneurs, we have expos and we have our own fashion week.  So next time you want to do a show on plus size women why not take a more positive angle.

Until Next time,

{Since writing this letter, Tyra has launched a plus size teen model search. I applaud what she’s doing but I stand behind my original comment.}

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