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7 Signs He’s Mr. Right & Sparks Will Fly

Love and Intimacy

7 Signs He’s Mr. Right & Sparks Will Fly

When you’re in a relationship you want sparks to fly. Not the type of fireworks that are hazardous and out of control but the type of fireworks that you can ooh and ahh to. Below are 7 signs to let you know if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong.

1. You feel good about yourself and your world.
A good relationship makes you feel great. It should fill in your “gaps” and make you feel whole. It should give you emotional strength and help you to feel that everything is ok – and will continue to be.

2. You look forward to spending time together.
Far too many couples stay together out of habit. They don’t really look forward to being together and try to find ways to avoid it.

3. You respect your partner, and “talk him or her up.”
Is there anyone that agrees with everything someone else says or thinks? (I can tell you – nobody agrees with everything I say!) There’s no reason you have to agree with everything your partner says or thinks either. However, you should RESPECT them for it – right or wrong.

4. You are really interested in what he or she thinks.
Along with respect, you’ll find that you are interested in your partner’s thoughts on different things – and you ask.

5. You are aware of, but ignore their quirks.
Everyone (even YOU bunky!) has his or her little quirks. Your partner’s quirks might even appear cute to you, or at least harmless. If they’re getting to you, you should look more closely at your relationship in

6. Problems don’t make you think about breaking up.
All relationships have problems. People that have good, solid relationships see disagreements as a chance to learn more about their lover, and to get closer. Thus, they don’t fear them, but they don’t create them either!

7. You are in love.
If you don’t know that you’re in love, you’re not. Love is very difficult to explain, but one of the best explanations I’ve seen is this:

“Love is when you are more concerned with the well being, safety and happiness of someone else than your own.”

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