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10 Ways Men & Women Sabatoge Relationships

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10 Ways Men & Women Sabatoge Relationships

Male/Female relationships are complex and difficult to figure out.

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus..
We can’t live with them and we can’t without them…..

All of these sayings are cliche’ but they are all very true.  The following list gives 10 reasons why men and women may walk away from their relationship and although they are things we’ve heard before, a friendly reminder never hurt anyone.

Top 5 Things Men Do that Sabatoge Relationships:

1. Not Answering the Phone:
Nothing is more frustrating than a man not picking up his phone.

2. Walk Your Talk:
Don’t give empty promises. Do what you say you’re going to do and keep your word.

3. Learn to say “I Don’t Know”:
No one knows everything and that includes you. Knowing when to admit you’re wrong is a very attractive trait.

4. Hogging the Remote:
This one really doesn’t bother me so I can’t elaborate on it but let me know if it’s a problem for you?

5. Bringing Up Weight:
Every morning when getting dressed we look in the mirror. The last thing you need to do is remind us that we need to lose some weight. We figured that out before you.

Top 5 Things Women Do to Sabatoge Relationships:

1. The “WHERE ARE YOU” question:
Calling a man and asking him his whereabouts can be very annoying especially if you want nothing.

2. The “Who You Talking To” question:
Constantly asking a man who he is talking to shows a lack of trust and proves that you are just nosy.

P.S. I’m guilty of this one.

3. Nagging:
When we nag, they’re not listening so everything we say during this time is going in one ear and out the other. Try talking to your mate. You’ll get much better results.

4. Holding a Grudge:
Bringing up old stuff or holding onto things from the past is annoying and can get really old. If it’s a dead issue then let it go.

5. Allowing a Man Time to Breathe:
Men need time to hang out with their boys and as much as we want to hang out with them, we have to let them spend time with their friends.

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