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Is The G-Spot A Figment Of Our Imagination?

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Is The G-Spot A Figment Of Our Imagination?

gspotThe G-Spot is supposed to be a small area of the female body where nerve endings are concentrated.  If activated (like high tech mechanism) by a sexual partner, it is supposed to give the most satisfying sexual pleasure.

Many researchers claim that the area which sex therapists claim can be enhanced through proper diet and exercise does not exist.  It’s believed that the g-spot is simply a figment of our imagination, encouraged by magazines and sex therapists.

I find it highly impossible for so many women to make up something as universal as the G-spot and I am not alone.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” discussed a recent study that doubts the existence of the female G-spot.  While the study, conducted by scientists at King’s College London, claims there is no evidence for the reality of the G-spot, Dr. Oz disagrees, revealing the physical reasons that he believes this elusive spot does exist: “The reality of the G-Spot is it’s not an anatomical location where you can cut it up and look at it under a microscope, it’s a place where nerves come together.”

Dr. Oz advises, “women shouldn’t feel guilty if they can’t find it, because it’s not a spot that is the size of a dime that you can touch, and guys shouldn’t go hunting for it.  It’s something they should explore together.  There is not a guilt issue to it; some women may have nerves that are close there, (and) can be stimulated, others are not.”

What do you think? Is the G-spot nothing more than a myth?

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