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January 2010: From the Editor’s Laptop…


January 2010: From the Editor’s Laptop…

7715788.thbThe New Year often marks a time for change, a time to reinvent yourself… but why? Why are we so consumed with changing ourselves? Why not embrace our current self each year instead of attempting to change things about ourselves every year. If it’s improvements we want to make then let’s work towards that, but let’s do it while embracing ourselves.

All of the women that I’ve interviewed for January embrace the talents that they’ve been given. Instead of attempting to change who they are, they make it their mission to stay true to who they are. Our cover model, Tre Alexander started out modeling as a child and when she began to notice curves on her body, she didn’t attempt to go on diet after diet…. she embraced her curves and worked with what she was given.

Our Venus Diva Woman of the Year, Gwen DeVoe has taken the concept of embracing one’s curves to another level. She has created an empire centered on being unapologetic for who you are as a woman and making the best of your curves.

Looking at where we’ve been is apart of embracing who we are. In “Holding It Together When Times Are Tough”, Richard Gunther shares tips on how we can use the past to get through the present. When you embrace who YOU are and what YOU have to offer, you are allowing yourself to look back with no regrets. You’re showing appreciation for all that you’ve been through (good or bad) and acknowledging that you are the person you are destined to be. Embracing yourself will allow you to shine in everything you do.

…Going into 2010 remember to embrace yourself while you Thrive In Your Curves!

Stephanie Penn-Danforth, Editor
And The Entire Editorial Staff of

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