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Meet Venus Diva: Melinda


Meet Venus Diva: Melinda

venusdivamelindaMeet Venus Diva Community Member Melinda

What Makes You a Venus Diva?

I’ve been a “diva” since I was a young girl. My mom made me a gift collecting all my “diva” pictures since I was a baby. All my haircuts, legwarmers, sunglasses, suspenders, LA Gear, Espirit outfits, poses–all very diva-ish. I also was what my teachers called a “smart-aleck”–overly opinionated, challenging, always fighting some point for myself and others. I was never the quiet girl–ever. My crew in high school were the DIVAS–we were known all over the city. You couldn’t tell us anything. We all grew up to be such strong, educated, amazing women–it makes me proud to still call myself a diva. The word has picked up so much usage now–everyone is a diva! But it’s true–it’s a self proclaiming term–you just know when you’ve got it. I was lucky enough to be raised by a lot of women–all divas in their own right. And now I surround myself with other divas on a regular basis in my modeling, nail business, and social networks. It’s pretty cool to see how much our roles have changed as women–even in my lifetime. We have created a variety of lanes for ourselves, and I feel so blessed to be part of a movement of women creating a lane for plus size, curvy, mainstream fashion and fashionistas.  This is a great time to be a woman and an even better time to be a diva.

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