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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Friends


Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Friends

giftswapTwo Days until Christmas eve and your girlfriends aren’t checked off the gift list yet?

Girlfriends mean the world to you, right? That’s why it’s fun to give the perfect present.

That’s also why it’s sometimes hard to find a gift to express your appreciation for their friendship. And, when we’re still stressing over presents for family and other friends, we can neglect the wonderful women who helped us get through the year with our sanity and beauty! (-; So, we’re here to be your friend with some fun ways to make your favorite females feel special and appreciated. And, we’d love your comments and ideas below!


  • Give the gift of time – Go online and buy tickets to a concert or sporting event that you both would enjoy. Wrap up the tickets (or online confirmation) with a small symbol of the event – like scrapbook stickers featuring her favorite team (whose game you’re going to see together) or a CD of her favorite music along with tickets to an upcoming concert. If tickets aren’t available yet, create your own gift certificate for a fun event together. Just make sure you find something fun to do together that you’ll both look forward to – then remember for years! Or, find a class that you both have wanted to take like yoga, knitting, learning Italian or cooking, and offer to pay her way to it. Find fun things to do together!
  • Girlfriend Gift Certificates – Create your own vouchers for thoughtful or fun activities together in the coming year. Examples: offer to help her clean her house for a party or company, give your number to call when she’d like a meal and a movie delivered, or promise to come help her with her garden (or other things she’s not necessarily thrilled to do!). Manicures together, shopping days, airport transport, dog or cat sitting, raking leaves – whatever she’d appreciate and you can genuinely offer, make a cool gift certificate and give her a stack for fun times together or helping her that you’ll enjoy and she’ll appreciate. (Also, you can email or print Amazon gift cards and have the gift ready immediately. I just used two Amazon gift cards yesterday for some last minute gifts!)
  • Girlfriend Memory Calendar – Have some fabulous photos of you and your favorite females? Create a calendar for your girlfriends and you’ve just made them smile 365 days in a row. FedEx Office (formerly Kinko’s) says: “ It’s not too late to order custom cards and calendars from FedEx Office. Act now and receive free 3-business day delivery.* Hurry – the last day to order for delivery by Christmas is Dec.20, 2009. Or visit any one of our more than 1,800 retail locations for last-minute ideas.” Go ahead and write in everyone’s birthdays and special days to help her remember you and your wonderful friends.
  • Basket or Stocking of Goodies – Silly little gifts are so fun to receive and open. Personalized to/with her favorite things, she’ll love opening every little package. In addition to you, what else does she love? Use this inspiration to fill a stocking or basket with lotions and bath goodies, supplies for her favorite hobby, spices and recipes for Foodie friends, little framed photos and more. Add chocolates, little coffee/tea treats, gift cards and other fun surprises to make it an it-could-only-come-from-a-great-girlfriend gift!
  • Hit the Road Girlfriends! – There’s just something about getting away from life and spending some quality time with your BFFs! It’s the perfect time of a year for a warm weather get-away with the girls or plan a birthday celebration for later in the year. Not ready to book it yet? Just create a passport or fake airplane ticket with the initial plans and have something fun to look forward to.
  • Start your own traditions – If the holidays are too hectic, perhaps start your own holiday ritual of celebrating the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Or move it entirely to your own holiday. You can even name it (Cathy & Julie’s Celebration Day) and create your own traditions. Plus, if you move it back, you have something to look forward to and a special day and way to celebrate your girlfriendship!
  • Get Creative Girlfriend! – With our girlfriends, we can be ourselves, right? Well, perhaps that means we can package up a bit of our personality in a custom, creative gift. If you sing, write her a song and send her the MP3. Love poetry or crafting? Create an expression of your friendship and send it to her. If you love to cook, deliver a meal for her and her family. If you’re the Twitter queen (and you all know who you are!), send her a series of wonderful tweets* about her (140 characters or less). Just express yourself as only you can and she’ll love it!


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