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Selfridges Upsets Consumers by Eliminating Plus Size Clothing


Selfridges Upsets Consumers by Eliminating Plus Size Clothing

Selfridges department store has triggered a furious response from curvy shoppers by dropping its range of fashions for larger women.

The retailer is no longer offering the Marina Rinaldi range, which produces sizes through from 14 to 26.

selfridgeAs a result, the largest size available on many fashion lines is a 16, while there are a very few size 18s on the rails.

The controversial move will effectively drive away larger, clinically obese, women who already struggle to find clothes in their size.

The decision will create suspicions the company does not believe that larger lady customers are good for its image as a leading fashion retailer.

Any decision to reduce the size range available flies in the face of nature and the policies of other leading fashion stores.

There is a huge amount of evidence that the nation’s women are getting bigger, taller and rounder, thereby increasing the market for out-size ranges.

The National Sizing Survey has found a remarkable change in body shapes over the last 50 years.

The average waist for a woman went up from 27.5in to 34in, the hips were 1.5in wider at 29in and the bust increased by the same amount to 38.5in.

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