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Weight In The Workplace Matters More Than You Realize

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Weight In The Workplace Matters More Than You Realize

plussizeofficeThe 2007 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report that there is a statistically significant “wage penalty” for overweight women resulting in a wage loss of 12%.  Being large leads to negative stereotypes–thinking that person is sloppy, lazy or slow, for example–for women that just aren’t true, says Bill Fabrey, a director of the Council on Size and Weight Discrimination.

There are times when plus size women show up for job interviews with perspective employers only to be told that the job has been filled.   I remember a situation in particular when I interviewed for a position in another department and I didn’t get it.  I viewed it as discrimination because someone less qualified who had been with the company for a shorter period of time got the position.  Unfortunately, discrimination based on weight is one of the hardest forms of discrimination to prove.

Many experts believe we choose to promote better-looking people and keep the rest behind. For ancestral humans, better-looking people were thought to be more productive.  They are thought to be more persuasive which is important in the workplace.

Additionally, women who are 5 ft. 7 are expected to make more $5,000 more in a lifetime than their 5 ft. 2 counterparts.  This means I’m screwed.  Not only am I a plus sized women but I’m 5 ft. 2.

To overcome the mindsets of these type of people it is important to walk upright and remain confident at all times.  You may also want to wear heels and dark colors while at work.  Last but not least be the best employee possible and be yourself.  Let your personality shine through.

Have You Ever Felt Discriminated Against Due to Your Size?

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